I am officially in love, with pebble ice. I have some leftover pebble ice in the freezer from the party, I knew they would not last til I am back in late July, so I started making drinks where I can use them.

The first one is inspired by a low ABV drink named Corretto from Death and Co. Denver. Instead of Nardini, I used Amaro Montenegro as the base. It tasted different from the one I had there, but it was delicious. I ended up having two after my daily nap.


2.5 oz Montenegro
0.5 oz vanilla syrup
1 oz espresso
1 oz coconut milk
a pinch of sea salt
Top with shaved magic bean

I have been telling myself that chewing pebble ice is bad for teeth, but it is hard to resist getting one now. The level of satisfaction it gives to a photographer who loves a good looking drink is through the roof!