Domenico Goes to Sardinia


As the weather gets warmer, I would love to make more aperitif-style drinks.  For me, aperitif time has meanings beyond just a few low ABV drinks; it is the time to slow down and enjoy a break with family and friends.  That is probably why it is called “Happy Hour” time in the US?


Here is a recipe I designed for Disaronno to celebrate #DisaronnoDay on April 19th, and it has already gotten my friend’s approval because he asked for the recipe the next day.  It is bittersweet, many layers of flavors rounded with the amaretto from Disaronno. I am pretty proud of this one, very original and I hope you give this a try!



3 oz Varnelli Dell’Erborista

1 oz Cocchi di Torino

0.5 oz Disaronno 

Four dashes Scrappy’s Bergamot bitters

Four dashes 1821 Early Grey bitters

Top with 3-4 oz red bitters soda (Giusto Sapore)

Garnish: mint sprigs and orange slices

The amaro I chose here is Varnelli Dell’Erborista; it is an unfiltered amaro, sweetened with honey, with bold profiles of bitterness from bark and root with a puff of smoke.  It pairs very well with amaretto liqueur. But honestly, this formula just works so you can try other amari as well and adjust the sweetness accordingly.

Happy Disaronno Day!