“Cynar got a vegetal earthiness hidden under its dark herbal hood. Artichokes also have the ability to temporarily suspend over our perception of sweetness, so when using Cynar in cocktails, it pays to pair it with sweeter items. Benedictine, a sweetened herbal liqueur made by monks, pairs very well with Armagnac, and the blast of peated scotch on top will fill your nose with smoky aromas.” This is the description straight from Sother’s book “I am just here for the drinks”.

I recently started exploring this book, the first section is brandy. This herbal, potent, sweet and smoky cocktail is truly wtf?!, hence the name, in a perfect way.


1 dash Peychaud’s bitters
0.5 oz Cynar 70
0/5 oz Benedictine
0.5 oz Armagnac
Spritz of peated scotch whisky  laphroaig Lore



I used Marie Duffau 1979 at 45.5%. I prefer a complex Armagnac in my stirred drinks with slightly higher proof. Highly recommend this book. I went through most of the recipes in Sother’s amaro book, so I am looking forward to doing the same here in the coming months.