Paul John Edited


My very first bottle of is Edited, one of its flagship products.

Paul John is an Indian Single Malt Whisky brand from John Distilleries, which has the distillery facility in Goa, a warm and tropical area in India. The whisky is double distilled in India made pot stills, but peat is sourced from Scotland as India is not the ideal place to find peat. The distillery in Goa has several barrel rooms, including one that is underground to avoid too much humidity. The warm temperature, perhaps that brings a bit more fruiter notes to the profiles as well.

The founder Paul P. John launched its first bottles in London, not India, exclusively on Whisky Exchange. It was so well received; they introduced more. It was only during that second phase that Edited was introduced.

Edited is a well-rounded whisky, the kind of dram you can go home to every day. The honey nose is very prominent for me as well as barley, the peat is subtle and seductive, followed by a long finish of somewhat grassy spices and chocolate mint hue.

Thanks to Koray, who introduced me to this whisky, I am looking forward to trying more expressions from Paul John!

Photography tip: it is mostly natural light. But I had one octa softbox on the right upper corner. Side way, just to fill in a bit. Window light is on the left side.