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Fuego de Caña

Today, I am celebrating the global Fair Trade movement with Flor de Caña with this little Mai Tai riff by pairing it with banana and peanut flavor. The little marshmallow is on fire because Flor de Caña, a rum distillery is at the base of an active volcano in Nicaragua.

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Bitter Sweet Symphony with Lucano

Hailing from the small town of Pisticci in Lucania, Italy, Amaro Lucano is made from a secret blend of 30-plus herbs and essential oils. Established in 1894, it remains as a family run business. It does a great job to achieve a complex taste profile and remain pretty modest in sweetness and bitterness. The most noticeable nose and the flavor is the subtle minty profile along with herbal finish such as cardamon and curry leaf.

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Penang Swizzle

The swizzle is a tiki style drink stirred with a swizzle stick to circulate ice and ingredients. The swizzle stick is made from the twigs of a species of trees native to the Caribbean. The drink is usually served in a tall Collins glass with crushed ice. Due to its island origin, rum is often used in the swizzled drinks.

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