Iron Lady – Do It The French Way


I will be spending time in France this summer. While I can’t speak French and there is not enough time to learn, surely I speak some Pernod Absinthe, Byrrh, Lillet, Ricard and Suze . I picked up this little cute book named “Do It The French Way”, on my, what a wonderful history book about my favorite French apertif !

Here is a little drink I made yesterday afternoon, as I was reading the book, learning the French way to reserve time in the day for myself, friends, bottles and conviviality.


20 ml Lillet Blanc 
40 ml camomille-infused scotch whisky (I used Laphroaig tripple wood)
15 ml white cacao liqueur
30 ml lemon juice
dash or orange bitters from The Bitter Truth

L’apéro !