Sonic Juicebox


I made a modified Juicebox Cobber based on the recipe from@punch_drink, the original recipe developed by Dan Greenbaum from Brooklyn. I named it Sonic because Kimberly told me she drives 30 minutes to Sonic to buy pebble ice!


1-inch cube fresh pineapple
1 orange half-wheel
1 lemon wedge
0.5 oz passion fruit rosewood syrup
3.5 oz vermouth-ish blend ( 1:1:1:0.5 Cocchi Rosa, La Quintinye extra dry, Laubade Floc, Braulio)

I have found 3 oz straight sweet vermouth is too sweet for a summery drink for me. I wanted my cobbler a bit drier, lighter and fresher. Floc, a blend of fresh grape juice and young Armagnac feels right to me; especially I am picking up a bunch of stone fruit notes from the Laubade expression, the combination of Rosa and Braulio is an inspiration from Soother, who made an aperitive style drink with these two that I can’t stop pouring. La Quintinye extra dry is to tone down its sweetness further while adding a touch of herbal notes. The summer fruits are super ripe, why not let the fresh sweetness shine through the blend?