Catching Mr. Abagnale


I made another cocktail with El Silencio Espadin. This drink takes the aromatic Espadin Silencio for an international ride, with a vegetal undertone of dill, disguised in the tarty yuzu soda.



1.75 oz El Silencio Espadin
0.75 oz Gomme syrup
0.75 oz dill infused vermouth ( Dolin Dry)
0.25 oz lemon juice
top with Yuzu soda
Garnish: lemon peel with dill sprigs

Instruction: combine all ingredients in a shaker and short hard shake. Strain and pour into a coupette, top with yuzu soda. Dill is very easy to infuse. I did for overnight.

The initial inspiration of dill vermouth is from a drink named Louis Cartier from Atlas; I loved the combination of genever, apple cider reduction, and dill vermouth. I have been an early adopter of Kimino yuzu soda, which is made from yuzu directly from Japan. It is tart but not sour or sweet, a great addition to cocktail or highball.

Frank Abagnale is the fictionary character in the movie “Catch Me if You Can.” Frank is so well-traveled despited his deceptive nature and innocent look. This drink, with agave in Mexico, dill herb from California to Yuzu from Japan, while easy on the eyes, it is packed with flavors!