The Tipsy Muse's Cobbler


The classic cobbler format is essentially a base spirit that is sweetened by some form of syrup and adorned with seasonal fruit. The most popular one might be sherry cobbler. If you are a whisky drinker, I have found bourbon works the best to retain cobbler's fruitness and brightness. You can also innovate with fresh berry juice instead of cream de mure.

Here is the one I designed for Norlan Glass Vawe, where I use Old Elk bourbon. I muddled fresh strawberry and blueberry instead of cream de mure, in addition to berry sage reduction. The sage is a nice touch because it adds more complexity to the fruity tasting profile. Bay leaf would work great with berries too!

The Tipsy Muse' Cobbler

2 oz Old Elk Bourbon
0.75 oz lemon juice
1 oz berry sage reduction #shakerandspoon
2 strawberry and five berries for muddling
Garnish: strawberry, blueberry, and purple sage
Pick: @dizzydiva74
Glass: @norlanglass