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Beet It

Here is my take on a beet infused Negroni, a moderate smoky mezcal with a bit herb and earthy notes. I want the mezcal here to shine, so I used Cappelletti Aperitivo instead of Campari to provide an undertone. I used Cocchi Americano instead of red vermouth. A touch of fennel liqueur, because beet and fennel go together!

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The King’s Old Fashioned

My immediate inspiration for the cocktail is based on The King’s Sandwich. He is known for his love of peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. I have done cocktails with peanut, banana or bacon, but never all together. It makes the perfect sense, Peanut Butter is nutty, salty and slightly sweet, bacon is sweet, savory and salty. What could be nuttier than this?

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